Mature Landscape Adds Value
By Tobin Wagner



Landscaping is an art form with many variables and many price points.

Many times the size of the planting and it's cost can scare the brave hearted away from what they really want. Most everyone wants a finished and a complete look that they can enjoy for many years.

We all know that plants grow, so it's expected that we can wait around and watch that happen. In most cases the expectations are often met with irregular growth patterns depending on what we planted and where we planted it. The right soil, sun and temperature range can effect the growth patterns.

But what if we actually planted without waiting for the growth.

This concept takes it's root in immediate satisfaction and mature curb appeal. This appeal from the road side can effect your return on investment in a big way.

If you planted a larger species of plantings or trees you can immediately step back and feel like the house is complete and is more enjoyable while you are living in it. Let's say you have to sell that home before you thought, maybe inside 5 years. If you selected mature plants you now have curb appeal that draws buyers inside the house.

This curb appeal puts your home on a priority must see list to a new home buyer. They see the final beauty of spacing and color and do not have to imagine what it could look like in 5 years.



The other side of the coin is that small plantings are dramatically effected by your ability to trim and mold them into shape and size. Often times even the best landscaper is guessing what will happen in 5 years to a planned softscape layout.

As you drive up to your home take a look at other homes in the area. Maybe look at an older community and seize the view and really look at what it does for the balance and feeling of that house. Now imagine that same range of color and dimensions surrounding the front and rear of your house.

Here is a list of plantings that you may want to consider;
1.Little Gem Magnolia
2.Crepe Myrtle
3.Live Oak
4.River Birch
5.Camellia(Sasanqua & Japonica)
6.Viburnum Suspensum
8.Wintergreen Boxwood
10.Ornamental grasses (i.e. Muhlenbergia,Dwf.Adagio)

HVAC units, drain pipes and gutters all are needed to keep the house functioning but why should you ever see them. The right plantings may also impact your heating and air conditioning bills by blocking light or creating wind screens that are great to look at.

As you calculate the value of your home invite a certified landscape contractor to show you options on value adding to your bottom line. Your home will be one of your largest investments and it merits a closer look at larger plantings and different types of trees.

Chances are if it comes with a root ball instead of a bucket then it's going to take up more space on your property. It's a good thing seeing a mature landscaped home that you are able to enjoy day one instead of year four or five. When a home is complete on the outside it commands a higher resale price while inviting those potential buyers inside.

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